Writing Resume Objectives

Writing Resume Objectives

Resume objectives are optional, but starting your resume with them is an impressive way to draw potential employers’ attention to your employment goals. Some choose to begin their resume with an objective immediately below the heading, while others prefer to let their experience and work history speak for itself without defining it a specific objective.
A resume objective should be specific to the job that you are seeking yet vague enough so you will not have to change it should you be job hunting in a variety of different industries. Being specific enough to attract employers and general enough to cover all industries can be tricky. There may be occasions where you may need to alter your objective so it’s tailored to the job you are looking for.
If you are sending your resume out to all open jobs for which you have experience, you should develop an objective that will show prospective employers that you are qualified for their specific opening. If you are sending your resume to one or two businesses for the same type of work, you can make it specific to that type of job. If you are mass mailing resumes for a variety of different positions across varying fields, you will want to make it more general.

General or Specific Objectives

Your first step to writing a resume objective is to decide if general or specific is the way to go for you. Here are a few tips and examples to get you started:
  • Objectives should be short and to the point
  • They should be action statements
  • They should be employer focussed and let the employer know what you can bring to the organization not what you seek to gain
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General Resume Objectives Examples

“To obtain a position that will allow me to utilize my organizational skills, experience and education to make a positive impact on the organization I am working for.”
“Seeking challenging and rewarding employment in a field that will allow me to learn, while contributing to the overall mission and vision of the company.”
“To position myself to lead others to greatness, to learn from the experience of my co-workers and through cooperative efforts contribute to the future success of the organization.”

Specific Resume Objectives Examples

“To use my experience in Information Technology to contribute and improve the quality systems that will enhance the overall business operations of the agency.”
“I am seeking a management position that requires excellent leadership skills, a need for detailed focus on the management of people and systems that will allow me to be professionally challenged while exceeding organization expectations.”
“A customer service position with a reputable business with a focus on providing exceptional customer service through person-centred service and a commitment to quality.”

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