What to Do If Your Business Loan Application Is Rejected

What to Do If Your Business Loan Application Is Rejected

Going through the business loan application process with a financial institution can be a challenging and time consuming task. Preparing the application package usually requires a lot of effort and time while you collect the relevant information – past tax returns, financial statements, sales projections, management team biographies and so on.

But getting financing is usually critical for the success of the business, so the business owners and managers go through the process. So what do you do if after all the effort you invested in getting a business loan, your application is declined?

The biggest mistake business owners can make at this point is taking it personally and losing their calm. The smart approach is to keep calm and detached. Although easier said than done, this is an important step that may help you get the funding you need. Your next step is to try and find out why the application got rejected. Sometimes, lending officers won’t want to go into details about your rejection because they fear offending the client.

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However, this information can be critical for your success, so try to persuade the lending officer to give you some details – but do so in a friendly manner. One approach that can work in this circumstance it to say something along the lines of “I understand that your institution won’t be able to help me. However, I plan to apply at another institution.

Could you help me understand how to strengthen my application?” Then be quiet and listen carefully. The information the lending officer provides you will be very valuable and will help you in your subsequent applications.

Once you have gathered this information, you should meet with you financial professional and re-assess your application and needs. This is very important, unless you are a financial professional yourself, you should get the advice of one. You should also decide whether you should re-apply for a business loan or an look alternate business financing product.

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One alternative source of business financing that has been gaining traction during the recession and ensuing credit crunch is invoice financing. This tool can help businesses that are having cash flow problems caused by customers are paying their invoices more slowly.

Many times, invoice financing can be used as a stop gap solution to help shore up your business while you look for a more permanent business financing solution.

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