online car loan application

Online Car Loan Application

Filling in an online car loan application is a very easy task. There are two channels for online auto loan applications:

  • either directly to a car loan online company or
  • through an online car dealership

Both ways of applying as well as the approval and transaction processes are very simple and convenient. With the first alternative though you are not limited to the finance company the dealership is using and thus you are likely to get a better rate since you can choose among several offers.

A loan through an auto dealership is likely to be more expensive than the first alternative but it is really simple and convenient to let the online dealership handle the loan applications for you in the same grasp – thus you will save time as well as work.

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If you choose the first channel for your online auto loan, you’ll have to apply for your vehicle loan at a few lenders websites. When you get the offers, you can compare them by using an online car loan calculator. Another thing you should do upfront is check your credit to make sure there are no hidden surprises. Just be aware that credit ratings are prone to fluctuation.

A relatively poor credit rating can easily change in as little as two to three years if you make your loan payments on time. Then, when your your credit does finally bounce back, your vehicle can be refinanced which means lower rates and total costs. So if you are ready to buy a new or used car, a less than perfect credit score shouldn’t stop you.

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If you choose to take your loan through a dealership, go online and check to see if there are any dealerships that have the make and model your want to purchase and online. As soon as you find one, you can just provide them with the necessary information and they will immediately determine whether or not you can be pre-approved.

The best of these online dealerships can even pass your information onto a dealer in your area for final approval. You will then be contacted regarding the details of your available loan.

Whether you want to finance your vehicle through an online vehicle dealership or an ordinary online lender the steps are pretty much the same:

  1. Submit an online loan application to get pre-approved for an auto loan.
  2. The auto dealer or online lender will instantly process your request.
  3. A local automobile dealership or an online lender representative will call you and inform you of any required documentation needed to complete your finance pre-approval.
  4. Visit the dealership, select a car and start to drive it.
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