Organic Search Engine Results Pages

Organic Search Engine Results Pages

Nothing Beats Natural Organic Search Engine Results!

The search results that appear on the left-hand of the page and are not on a colored background are referred to as “organic” or “natural” search results. Search listings that appear on the right-hand column or a colored background at the top of search engine results pages (SERPs) are “paid” or “sponsored,” placement. Please note: placement and style attributes accorded paid listings differ for each search engine — meaning that how a paid listing appears will differ in Google, Yahoo, MSN Live, etc.

Organic search results are supposedly completely non-biased, in that search engines will not accept payment to influence the rankings of any particular site. Knowing that organic search results involve no payment of money, people tend to trust these free search results more than the paid advertising on a search results page.

Ideally, an online retailer will want their web site to appear on the first page, e.g. within the first ten results of a Google search. Whether the site is a large corporation or a small mom-and-pop online store, all have a more or less even playing field when it comes to potential customers finding them.

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Large companies do have several advantages due to their size: links and budget. Link popularity involves both inbound and outbound links; how many links a search engine recognizes for a site directly impacts that site’s link popularity. A large company’s vendors, affiliates, partners, etc., often show their association with that company by providing non-reciprocal links from their sites to the corporate site. Sometimes, corporate policy dictates that companies working with the parent company must provide inbound links, a policy that could easily increase a big company’s link popularity. And of course, very large companies may have several web sites; these can be linked together for even more link popularity.

The budgets of large corporations typically dwarf those of much smaller companies, but whether or not enough is earmarked and spent on search engine optimization (SEO) may directly affect the search engine positioning for that big company. In addition, the web marketing gurus at these large online companies may or may not be “up to snuff” on the best SEO practices, strategies, and techniques.

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Smaller companies also have specific advantages over their much larger competitors. The proprietors of small online companies will often pursue this “new” channel for marketing their products or services, unlike giant corporations that grew big through traditional marketing methods.

Making actual changes to a web site — learning from and applying the principles of SEO — is often easier for a small company than a huge corporation. Approval of changes can be immediate in a smaller company, while in a huge corporation, making any change could be a bureaucratic nightmare.

A smaller company might be more willing to outsource its SEO needs to a proven specialist than a big corporation, which probably has more internal resources available, like IT people. Given a task like SEO of the corporate web site, an IT person would likely approach the problem from a purely technical standpoint, ignoring the fact that effective organic SEO must be a combination of marketing and technology.

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Technical issues that may impede search engines from indexing all of the pages on a web site are more common with large corporations: Web pages may be generated from large databases without being indexed, in which case they are effectively invisible to the search engines. Or a large company’s web site may be built entirely in Flash or use other technologies that also make the web site virtually invisible to search engines.

So when it comes to using SEO to position one’s web site very high in a search engine’s organic search results, effective use of SEO is crucial, no matter what the size of one’s company.

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