Settlement Loan Alternatives

Settlement Loan Alternatives

Settlement loan negotiation continues to gain ground as an increasingly popular form of debt relief, but careful borrowers – worried about the stability of the relatively new program – don’t want to leave anything to chance.

Along with a committed and arduous investigation of the background of relevant settlement loan firms, the borrowers should also check upon the settlement loan company’s business model to see just how the negotiation specialists intend to lower existing credit card bills.

Depending on the specific household situation, some settlement loan officers will even go so far as to invite their debtor clients to go ahead and stop paying back their credit card bills altogether and instead sent the money (along with any other additional funds available) directly to the settlement loan company so that the professional counselors handling the negotiation would be able to offer a lump sum at the start of repayment.

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However, since the funds held by the settlement loan company won’t be safe guarded by any sort of governmental office, borrowers must be utterly convinced that the business they’ve chosen is not only trust worthy but also sufficiently prominent and financially stable to endure a few difficult stretches. Should the settlement loan firm itself file Chapter 11 business bankruptcy – or even, for a particularly slipshod or malfeasant company, lose some or all of the funds through poor investments – the borrowers could actually lose the money that they had paid in anticipation of a settlement loan.

For borrowers who have spent the weeks necessary to ensure that their settlement loan specialists have an untarnished reputation and solid financial footing, this remains a minuscule risk that should not dissuade interested parties from considering a settlement loan to resolve their problem debts.

While moneys given over to the settlement loan company for safe keeping may not earn interest during the negotiation process, this theoretical loss – along with the practical costs which the settlement loan package charges for their services – has to be compared to the savings which successful settlement loan programs could bestow the appropriate consumers.

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Nothing comes for free, of course, but a few thousand dollars added to the eventual repayment scheme (the actual fees will change depending upon the company and the consumer) to be slowly whittled down each month pales against the tens of thousands of dollars effective settlement loan companies immediately carve off the top.

Similarly, the borrowers’ credit ratings may suffer after negotiating a settlement loan. The lenders shall doubtlessly alert the three credit bureaus about any entrance to a settlement loan program, and, should the borrowers miss a payment or three to better help their bargaining position, the record of delinquencies alone could sink previously sparkling FICO scores.

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Nevertheless, when compared to the lifelong stigma of Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy protection, the credit consequences of a settlement loan would barely be noticed once the repayment period’s over with (almost always less than sixty months) and the borrowers can concentrate upon rebuilding their scores. Most assuredly, the consumers’ credit and pocketbook would be better served by paying back their credit cards in the traditional manner – or, for that matter, avoiding high interest debts in the first place – but that’s simply no longer a practical possibility for too many Americans.

When debt loads reach a certain level of excess, heads of household must take drastic steps for their resolution, and, while far from perfect, debt settlement loan solutions seem to be the most effective tactic around.

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