The Advantages Of Eliminating Credit Card Debt
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The Advantages Of Eliminating Credit Card Debt

The least destructive method for eliminating credit card debt should seem obvious: simply paying off each bill, dollar by dollar, will monumentally improve the FICO scores employed by each of the three credit bureaus.

Most borrowers, when they originally sign up for unsecured financial burdens, presume that they will pay back the entirety of their loan balances as soon as they are able, but (no matter the best of intentions as surrounds eliminating credit card debt) household budgets have a funny habit of expanding to fit the boundaries of the family’s credit availability.

In the current credit crunch, loans can be very difficult to obtain, and the terms of the loan theoretically eliminating credit card debt may be less advantageous than those of the original debt. If the borrower’s credit rating is unfortunately low (below 500, say), eliminating credit card debt in this fashion might not be a possibility at all.

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However counter intuitive this may sound to the lay consumer who knows little more about bankruptcy protection than that it traditionally spells the end of the line for board games and game shows, creditors know all too well that the borrower who has effectively petitioned for eliminating credit card debt through Chapter 7 bankruptcy can not attempt a similar declaration from the government for at least seven more years.

Even though evidence of eliminating credit card debt through Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection will stay on the filer’s credit report for far longer, virtually every lender will officially disregard the notification once four years have passed from the day of the formal discharge.

Presuming the consumers’ FICO scores have steadily risen and their employment history and debt to income ratios – a little discussed element of debt consolidation that’s nevertheless a vital component of any attempts toward eliminating credit card debt – are up to snuff, borrowers will be able to achieve the premium low fixed interest rates for minimal expense with even new home loans.

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There’s still a greater problem about eliminating credit card debt through mortgage consolidation programs – though at first it may sound somewhat advantageous – which borrowers must recognize before they spend the thousands of dollars upon an equity loan that does not after all eliminate credit card debt but merely postpones the eventual reckoning since, unlike most of the other programs famed for eliminating credit card debt, mortgage consolidation (whether refinancing or equity loans) does not ask borrowers to close down their accounts.

Indeed, quite the contrary, borrowers who’ve switched balances from unsecured credit cards to mortgages upon a primary residence shall find that they’ve a blank slate upon which they could again rack up bills, and, far from eliminating credit card debt, the borrowers’ numbers will be back up before long to approximately what they were prior to the household’s brief flirtation with eliminating credit card debt.

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Because of this worrisome potential for amassing further unsecured financial liabilities, the consolidation program’s largely fallen out of grace along with so much of the mortgage industry, and, given the oft discussed problems of eliminating credit card debt with Chapter 7 bankruptcy protection,

American consumers are searching out the new kids on the block. Debt settlement negotiation, as the leading light of the new breed of debt management approaches, won’t promise that their loan officers could guarantee eliminating credit card debt, but, with average savings from successful negotiation nearing sixty five percent of the starting credit card debt balance, it might just be the next best thing.

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