The Credit Card Consolidation Loan Deception

The Credit Card Consolidation Loan Deception

Most experienced hands in consumer finance consider the credit card consolidation loan a wasteful maneuver that could potentially jeopardize a family’s singularly efficient and secure loan: the mortgage upon their family home.

While the interest rates of secured monetary obligations held against a primary residence shall, of course, be less than half of what the lending giants offer for credit card accounts and the monthly payments for credit card consolidation loan mortgages would be negligible compared to the various minimums the average United States household’s handful of unsecured credit accounts will demand.

However, for wage earners that wanted to do more than earn a moment’s peace from ravenous creditors or wipe clean their credit card histories for another round of self destructive purchasing binges, the inevitable failings of credit card consolidation loans – no matter the specificities of the case – should be clear to even the least seasoned debtor.

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In both cases, borrowers will pay handsomely for the privilege; every aspect of home financing which certainly includes the credit card consolidation loan carries alongside a federally mandated raft of administrative fees and independent third parties with their hands out.

Far more troubling, though, the best possible rock bottom fixed interest rates shall continue to build upon themselves given thirty or forty years’ space to compound, and, instead of eliminating the unsecured revolving bills as the credit card consolidation loan officers suggest, the home owner tricked into successfully applying for such a program would easily end up paying three or four times the initial credit card debt by the end of the traditional mortgage term.

Furthermore, in the borrowers’ rush to satisfy their most irritating lenders through the credit card consolidation loan, too many home owners lose the forest for the trees and manage to forget about the sacred homestead (only their single most important investment) until the mortgage bills have been delinquent for a month or two and the lender representatives threaten foreclosure.

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Once a signed and notarized contract is in place for mortgage re-financing or a credit card consolidation loan, negotiations to change terms will be a good deal more arduous unless the borrower throws him or herself upon the mercy of the Chapter 13 bankruptcy court, but the re-organization of secured loans shan’t have much to do with the heads of household’s struggles to resolve their credit card bills through a consolidation loan while ensuring that their family remains protected from the long arm of the lending institutions.

To that end, debt settlement negotiation has won praise from nearly every consumer who’s been fortunate enough to learn about this fairly new debt management solution and then pass the relatively stringent requirements which settlement negotiation professionals demand of their clientèle (as opposed to credit card consolidation loans which care about little beyond recent appraisal value of the property).

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Since the settlement negotiation technique will differ so wildly among separate firms and even separate negotiators, your authors would hesitate to do much more than remind interested parties that most every reputable settlement company features specialists available over the telephone or internet most hours of the day.

For any American citizen serious about repairing his or her family’s economic foundation a beginning to question the viability of the credit card consolidation loan, a quick consult to determine the potential usefulness of the settlement program for an individual household should be considered a must.

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