An Examination Of Freedom Debt Relief

An Examination Of Freedom Debt Relief

The Freedom Debt Relief corporation came to life seven years ago as an alternative to bankruptcy which could better serve the debt relief needs of modern consumers, and, starting with just a few offices in California, the Freedom Group has since aided tens of thousands of men and women throughout the United States as they struggle to right their credit troubles.

Employing more than five hundred Americans in various positions to assist borrowers with the resolution of credit card bills and other financial burdens, the self described Freedom Family aims to help ordinary borrowers survive difficult economic circumstances.

Utilizing a variety of different programs and resources – everything from educational seminars to one on one discussions about potential debt relief solutions – consumers who’ve taken advantage of the experienced counselors associated with Freedom Debt Relief have reported exceptional savings and long term satisfaction.

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Before consumers begin working with any debt relief agency, they should do their homework and find out all that they can about any company that will have so much to do with their future economic security, and Freedom Debt Relief boasts an untarnished track record along with a string of whole hearted recommendations from past clients.

Furthermore, like the best debt relief businesses, Freedom Debt Relief is not only a member in good standing of the The Association of Settlement Companies – the leading organization promoting the debt relief and debt settlement industries – the Freedom Debt Relief founders are also on the TASC board of directors.

These sorts of affiliations are far from a guarantee of success or effectiveness, of course, but the exceptional background of Freedom Debt Relief should certainly make borrowers feel more comfortable about their choice of companies.

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Furthermore, the customer service standards of the Freedom Debt Relief company rank with the best of the debt relief industry – according to independent surveys, the average wait time for clients on hold with one of the Freedom Debt Relief representatives is less than five seconds – and the success rate for Freedom Debt Relief negotiations is also top of the line.

As with their competitors in settlement negotiation, Freedom Debt Relief essentially offers a consolidation of relevant unsecured loans. When Freedom Debt Relief’s professionals talk with their clients’ assembled creditors, they request a reduction of more than half of the funds owed in return for the repayment of the rest of the debt.

Unfortunately, to gain leverage within the negotiation proceedings, Freedom Debt Relief asks the borrowers to refrain from making their normal payments to the lenders for a number of months prior to settlement.

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While this undoubtedly spurs the creditors’ motivation to settle by any means necessary (thereby garnering the savings that Freedom Debt Relief promises), the effects upon credit are as destructive as that of bankruptcy protection, and the damaged FICO scores could take years, perhaps as long as a decade, to recover.

Considering the inevitable credit report wreckage as well as the considerable costs that Freedom Debt Relief shall demand for their services, heads of household concerned about their financial prospects as well as the eventual expense may wish to also examine alternative companies.

The debt settlement program has untold advantages for the qualified consumer, but, while Freedom Debt Relief remains an excellent resource, borrowers should make sure it’s the right one for their own family.

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